Lunda Kubalik laid the foundation of Mutiara Jewelry as she discovered her creativity while working as a designer, importer and retailer for many years. Soon after buying a string of pearls from a beach vendor in Bali, Kubalik turned her attention to crafting a jewelry collection out of silver, gold, semiprecious gemstones and freshwater and Tahitian pearls. Taking the name Mutiara from the Bahasa Indonesian word for pearls, Kubalik set out to introduce the rest of the world to her artistic voice and love of design.

Almost entirely handcrafted in Edmonton, Alberta, Muriata Jewelry is created around the philosophies of timeless design and simple, natural lines. The quiet beauty of Kubalik’s pieces harkens back to an elegant era of regality and romanticism, all while remaining timely and fresh. At once natural and finely tooled, Mutiara is ushering in a renaissance of classic beauty, reimagined and reinvigorated.


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