Treat yourself to an exceptional tea with the range of teas developed by Kusmi Tea, a tea house with rich history, between tradition and modernity. Discover his art of unusual mixtures through the different universes proposed. Rejuvenate yourself with a detox tea but always tasty thanks to our Wellness range. Discover the flavors of Russian tea with our exclusive blends, teas that have made the history of the Kusmi Tea house. We rediscover the classic teas: the Earl Gray or the Breakfast, revisited by the mark. Enjoy one of our flavored teas, unexpected and fragrant alliances for a fun-filled “Tea time”. Give yourself a revitalizing break with our range of frozen teas: the summer’s flagship drink, detox and thirst-quenching. Rather black tea, green tea or maté tea? Kusmi Tea offers perfumed variations that will reveal your favorite tea.

With roots in 19th century Russia, the Kousmichoff tea house moved to Paris in the early 1900s, was reborn as Kusmi Tea and has since become world renowned. Kusmi is most known for their blends – using original recipes to combine the highest quality teas with delicate, natural flavours for the perfect cup. Kusmi packaging is as exquisite as the delicious product inside.

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