Heather was born in the year of the wood dragon in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

She lived there for six years before moving to Grande Prairie, Alberta, to finish off her school years. Her parents were both very creative and exposed her to a world of exploration and curiosity. Her father had the mind of an engineer, inventing practical jigs and tools to help him be efficient. He loved taking things apart to see how they worked and even built a small plane in the latter years of his life with little instruction. Her mother is an explorer at heart, encouraging a sense of wonder on hikes through the forest or along the ocean.

Heather was also fortunate to have had several teachers along the way that encouraged her creativity. In her senior year, she received an art scholarship with the help and guidance of her teacher, Mr. Henderson.

After graduating from Grande Prairie Composite High School, she moved to Lethbridge for a year and then decided to apply to the Alberta College of Art. Her application, which at that time was an art test sent in the mail, was accepted. Her intention for going to school was to find out her scope of talent. After her first year she felt more confident as an artist but yet dissatisfied with all the “rules”, so she left school for a full time office job, got married and started a family.

She returned to her passion in 1999 and started to take things more seriously by renting a studio and participating in local art shows. The inspiration to have her first solo exhibition came from witnessing a fellow artist hang their show and stand in silence in the center of the gallery honouring all the work they did.

Heather currently resides in Calgary and works from her studio at home.

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