Combining timeless style and high quality craftsmanship, Bunnies By The Bay is an independent infant toy and apparel manufacturer from Washington state. Founded in 1986, the family business seeks to bring joy to families everywhere with their whimsical designs and a playful sense of art that drives their creativity. Bunnies By The Bay is focused on keeping infants happy, healthy and stimulated with their wide range of products tailored to the modern parent.

All manner of endearing gifts and essentials for the first year of a baby’s life are carefully styled and crafted by Bunnies By The Bay artisans. Onesies (or “bunsies”), rompers, blankets, plush toys, hats, booties, swaddling and burping sets, books and many other items are all available in their signature aesthetic. Using the softest and highest quality materials, Bunnies By The Bay compliments their design strengths with trustworthy and safe manufacturing practices.

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