Alrún Nordic Jewelry was founded in 1999, and is based out of Akranes, Iceland. Alrún has found success across Scandinavia and North America thanks to their unique skill of combining precise, computerized manufacturing with traditional Nordic culture and art. The jewelry features runic letters or runes, an ancient Scandinavian form of symbolic writing used widely in the second and third centuries.

Alrún products use one of the two Icelandic Runic alphabets—known as Younger Futhark—carrying on the pagan tradition of carving the symbols into wood, stone or metal (sometimes even bone), though Alrún Nordic Jewelry uses only high quality silver and gold. Runes were thought to grant the wearer great powers sent from Odin, the mightiest of Scandinavian pagan gods. Each symbol represents a unique concept or “power,” which makes Alrún jewelry a meaningful gift for any number of life’s special occasions or important people.

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