Designer Cydney Mariel Galbraith founded Love’s Pure Light in 2012. Each hand crafted royal garment combines the supernatural power of declaration, promise and identity with the timeless elegance of luxury silk. “I renew my strength by giving. I used to love to hunt for unique gifts and garments, but could never find something of a forever worth. So I created my line of forever fashion shawls and fashions. My pieces have been saturated with messages that are everlasting and they will always speak to the heart first. I have painted promises to you on each one of my luxury garments. I want all women in my nation to understand the power of being baptized and bathed in a garment of love.”

As a  professionally trained chef, florist and former three time Canadian National Cycling Champion, Cydney applies the same passion, pursuit of excellence and tenacity towards beauty that makes Love’s Pure Light luxury garments known for its high quality, uplifting designs.

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